Monday, July 25, 2011

Cleaning out the Cupboards (and frig)

Wow...a year has passed since my graduation from Ballymaloe. Since then Thyme to Cook (a home based cooking school) has been started with plans to build a permanent kitchen for the classes to be held. I've experienced life on a boat for two months and the joys and tribulations of cooking in a galley kitchen. The second boat trip is about to begin and the cleaning out of the cupboards as well as the refrigerator began a week ago. In doing that I realized how much stuff needed to be eaten before it went bad. I also packed one entire suitcase full of dried food I thought would be good to have on the boat. Then we decided to fly passes.....yes I still get passes from my days of being a flight attendant. Flying on passes means flying standby which means good chance of lost luggage if you check a bag which means "carry on" which means no room for food let alone everything I wanted to bring with me....Tom took one look at what I wanted to bring and just shook his head; shook his head and had a few choice words to say as well! All the packed food went back into the cupboard to be eaten upon our return. However the food in the refrigerator is almost gone with making some very creative meals. Last nights meal consisted of a salad made with mixed greens, diced tomatoes, diced green onions(from our garden), roasted yellow pepper,diced bacon, shaved Parmesan cheese, and a poached egg. The dressing was a red wine vinaigrette. It was the perfect summer meal and the last of the bacon and eggs were used!

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