Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10 - Another Tart!

Can't quite get this pastry thing down. Today I was responsible for Lemon Tart (different many crust can there be? I've said the same thing to myself; so far I've made four types and have yet to become proficient in any), and Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad-a classic combination which is delicious...and the beets, oh my goodness! They were picked fresh today and until you've had a beet picked and eaten on the same day you have no idea how sweet and delicious a beet can be. Major bummer about beets though...your hands will never be the same color again, or anything else for that matter. Since my day was fairly easy I added some techniques we need to learn before we can receive our certificate so today I peeled a tomato... core, cut shallow x on bottom, place in bowl, add boiling water to cover, count to ten, remove from water and the skin literally pulls right off. I also scrambled an egg...okay I know some of these techniques are BASIC but we have some students in class who have never cooked before doing this course; and by the way some students enroll in this course as a "finishing school" to learn about the art of cooking and wine! Didn't cook my crust long enough on the tart so it was soggy. The tart was garnished with candied julienned lemon peel. Burnt the first batch and almost burnt the second batch; my partner Sean got them off the heat just in time. Upon tasting my teacher said they needed to cook longer...too tough. How was I supposed to do that when the sugar mixture was starting to turn dark? Add some water she said... oh yea, the forgotten ingredient!

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