Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14 - One Ugly Dude!

Quite weekend...Tom hurt his back. He's been on a mission over here to get into shape. His days consist of working out i.e. gym, golf, and horseback riding as well as the occasional game of touch rugby with the 19 and 20 year olds at school with me. The rugby game was the beginning of the back ache and then the horse he rides decided she was through and did an abrupt stop which wrenched his back more; he's been walking bent over since last Wednesday. He did rally for a trip to our favorite restaurant in Kinsale though! Today was the beginning of Week 9 and my partner is a FANTSTIC woman from Norway! It was a great day and I just have a feeling the week is going to be great as well. Our demonstration today was by Rory O' incredible chef and instructor! Can you guess what the fish is in the pictures? One ugly dude, I'd hate to be a little minnow when that thing opens his mouth, heck he could eat a few thousand minnows.

P.S. The dude in the pictures is a Monk Fish.

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