Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 10: Hectic Day

Whew, two weeks down and 10 to go!!!The first picture is what greets me when I enter the yard each morning. There are a number of these gorgeous roosters all over the property and they keep close tabs on all of their hens; and let me tell you these chickens eat like you can't believe. No scratch(feed) for these hens and roosters it's all the left over scrapes from our daily cooking. The next picture is the view I had from my work station this week and the last picture is of Sophie my week two partner and me today after a very hectic day of cooking. My dish responsiblities included filleting a whole fish, Cod with a Mornay Sauce, and Duchesse Potatoes. Sounds easy but once again didn't get into the dining room until 40 minutes pass the time I should have. Got points taken off for not having my serving plate hot but other than that I think it's been a pretty good week overall! We have a three day weekend and Tom and I are taking off for a driving trip. Words of wisdom today..."nothing like a good glass of wine at the end of a week of cooking"!

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  1. Karen,

    Finally got logged onto your blog and OMG! So fun to read about everything you are cooking and experiencing. We went to Santa Fe with Teri and Eric for our 25th! Had a blast. We have a tentative date of August 13th/14th for a visit to CA. Can’t wait to have you and Eric in the kitchen together! Enjoy and thanks for sharing…..Nancy O