Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 9: White Irish Soda Bread

Today I got to make TWO white irish soda breads...I was very organized this morning and had my mis en place (prep work)done right at 9:00 am which is when the teachers arrive. We are not allowed to begin cooking until the teachers are in the kitchens. As soon as they arrived BOOM I was in motion making my soda bread. I was just ready to pop it in the oven when Darina (owner of the school) came in for some instructions; one of which was to say we were not allowed to make our bread or pastries until a teacher was standing at our side. She looked right at my bread ready to pop in the oven. Needless to say I had to make another batch in order to get signed off. The second was better than the first and so I brought that one home, much to Tom's delight. I also made Spicy Chicken with Almonds and Basmati Rice. This dish is a winner and I'll share it when I get home. It was a day filled with cleaning since I had two additional duties; hoovering (vacuuming) the dining room after lunch and cleaning the ovens and hobs (cooktop)in the demonstration kitchen. I'm exhausted but loving it! Kitchen words of wisdom today from Darina:
"The faster the soup is made the fresher the taste"


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