Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 15 - Success, well almost!

Being Friday today is the last day I get to have Eoin (pronounced Owen) as my partner and let me tell you he has been a fantastic partner! Kind, funny, and always there to bail me out; like the day I didn't turn off the gas stove and the chopping block was set on top of it and it started to smolder...yea I failed kitchen safety on that day. I made one of our needed skills recipes today...Mummy's White Cream Scones. I was very, very proud of them and brought a few home for Tom to taste. He's tasting it and I say, "well what do you think aren't they delicious"! His response, yes they're very good. I ask, "would you buy one at a store and he said no! NO, what do you mean no! His response, "when I buy something at a store I want it to be really delicious" response, what could be more delicious than a freshly baked scone covered in Irish butter, homemade raspberry jam, and softly whipped Irish cream....nothing!

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  1. Karen,
    I am really enjoying your blog, especially the pictures! I loved the scones over in Ireland, so please share the recipe when you get back!