Saturday, May 29, 2010

Half Way Point

Yesterday was mid-term exam day....we had to identify 10 herbs and write two recipes for each, identify 10 salad greens, set a table, pour a glass of wine, and complete a set of techniques we should be proficient in at this stage of the course. We had a list of over 30 techniques we should know....4 were given the day of the exam. The only thing I was nervous about was having the teacher from this week be my exam instructor. The table setting and pouring the glass of problem, I've had plenty of experience with both! Studied for the herbs and salad greens and said a little pray the techniques portion would be things I was proficient in. Walked into the technique room and was immediately shshed by the dreaded teacher who also ended up being my exam teacher...damn, not off to a good start. Felt the heart starting to race, oh well what could I do about it. Went to my assigned station to start the technique portion. The techniques I had to demonstrate were: make paper piping cone, filet and skin a round fish, dice and "sweat" an onion, and make caramel sauce. First thing to do...think of order of work, okay. Sweat onion, make caramel sauce, filet fish, make paper piping bag. Diced onion,easy...melted butter, onion in sauce pan, cover with buttered paper and then lid. Start caramel sauce: sugar in pan, measure water...still having trouble with the metric system "how much water do I need, got nervous, read wrong amount, put triple the amount of water into the pan, oh sh...! Do I let dreaded teacher way, think how to solve this...okay it's just some extra water it will boil off, which it did. Start filleting the fish... easy, starting to feel confident. Watching the caramel sauce...fine line between perfect and burnt....went past that fine line, oh sh...! Made paper bag but couldn't figure out how to secure the top of the bag...looking for tape, teacher finally said, just fold it down...duh! Next, into the herb/salad/table setting/wine pouring kitchen; easy! Whew, it's over! and that's how the 6th week ended! Have a nice Memorial Day weekend everyone...

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