Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 16: Double Yolked

Mondays are hard...I really need weekends to be longer, who decided a weekend is two days anyway...not someone who works and today felt like work, it was an 11 hour day because we had an evening wine lecture. Our guest speaker for that was a hoot and as the evening progressed and we became more relaxed so did he...he had some funny stories to tell about trips to South Africa. This is a man with the gift of gab! My cooking responsiblities today involved poaching an egg and making sponge cake. Doesn't sound like much but started at 8:45 and didn't present to my teacher until 12:45, I know your saying to yourselves 4 hours to make an egg and bake a cake good lord how could she make any money at this when she gets out of that school! I said the same thing to myself as the morning progressed...remember, today felt like WORK! Anyway got it done and two more items checked off the technique sheet! Results of the morning are shown above and by the way the first egg I poached had a double yolk, I think it's a good sign!

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