Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 25 - "Do I Really Like Cooking"?`

Today was the first day that I have to say I HATED cooking and wondered what I'm I doing here. Thank goodness by the end of our demonstration today I was back to wow I can't believe I am here! The morning started great. My assigned duty today was making the white bread for lunch. White yeast bread was learned last week so I decided to make it for my bread today. Got an early start and had my bread dough made by 9:30. That's when all hell broke lose. Next on my "order of work" was make the strawberry jam, this was started yesterday...easy. Put the jars in the oven to sterlize and began cooking the jam which by the way has an insanely amount of sugar in it. Next on the list make choux pastry, make pastry cream, make chocolate sauce, roll goat cheese into balls for salad, roast peppers, make olive tapenade, make salad dressing, punch down dough, form dough into 5 braided plait, pipe choux pastry onto baking sheet into profiterole shapes, bake choux pastry, make chantilly cream, etc., etc, etc....get the picture, well the one above shows it all! My week 5 partner has been Nikki and she helped clean up the mess! After all that cooking I also had blitz duty which is cleaning all the ovens! I collaped into the chair at 1:45 for our afternoon demonstration which was all about the amazing seafood of Ireland. I was lucky to bring home two of the crabs for dinner tonight and my 5 plait loaf of bread. Ya, cooking is pretty darn great!

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  1. Having trouble commenting, hopefully I haven't sent 10 of these.... but still trying again. Love the braided loaf, it is gorgeous! And that seafood is to die for! xox