Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31 - The Great American Hamburger!

Week 7: Another new kitchen, new partner, new teacher! Great kitchen, great partner, great is good! Today's cooking was "The Great American Hamburger" how appropriate given that today is Memorial Day. My burger was good however my presentation was somewhat lacking(sorry no picture). My teacher gave a thumbs up for taste and a very nice rearrangement of my presentation looked like a 1950s diet special platter...hamburger patty with slice of tomato, onion, lettuce. When my teacher got through with replating, it looked like a gourmet burger! It looked as good as it tasted! I've got 5 weeks to get this plating business down!

P.S. I did make the above loaf of bread, and thought you'd enjoy seeing some other pictures of the school

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