Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Travels

Yesterday we went to Kinsale...coastal town towards the southern tip. It's charming and has fantastic seafood. We ate at Fishy Fishy Restaurant; Tom had crab claws that were huge! I was here almost 12 years ago and The Old Head golf club had just been completed. The pictures above show the view surrounding the club. The picture of the house is a B & B I stayed in with Kim, Kelli, and Teddy (Kelli's cousin) 12 years ago. Today has been spent catching up with filing massive amount of recipes and grocery shopping. Tom usually does the shopping; we have complete role reversal over here...I kiss him goodby in the morning and he's off to exercise, horseback ride, and golf. He throws in grocery shopping and the occasional housework. I think he's liking this role reversal!

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