Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 22 - "The Fry Up"

Sorry for the lack of posts but the internet connection at the house I am living in has been down so I'm having to use the computer at the school. I've got just a few minutes before the afternoon demonstration begins...today was Irish Breakfast Day! Nothing like eating breakfast for lunch. It was delicious even the black pudding (it's made with pig's blood). The slang for it is "a fry up" and that says it all! We had a competition today for who presented the best Irish Breakfast. The prize was a bottle of champagne...I did not win! By the time the sausage, black & white puddings, rashers, streaky bacon, tomato, mushroom, and egg were fried (oh yea and the plate warmed) I just wanted to get the d... food plated up and graded. My plate looked like I felt... frazzled!

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  1. Hello Karen:

    Pat was a little freaked out about the blood thing. Sounds adventurous. You sound like you are getting a real workout. My grandfather always said a hard days work keeps you honest. Hang in there, you will win won of the challenges...We are enjoying your adventure...Jan and Pat