Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We've spent a much needed lazy weekend. Went to the school for wood fired pizza yesterday. It was really delicious. Philip (Darina's future son-in-law) is in charge and it's run like a small cafe. The wood fire oven is a kit that Darina purchased from a company in Italy...I've got all the info for anyone interested in one. The only problem I see with ordering one is that they cost a small fortune!!!! But the pizza is really, really, delicious. I've come down with the "school cold". Thought I was going to escape catching it...started to feel it coming on right before the exam on Friday and it hit full force Friday night. I've got a rudolph nose from all the blowing. I think I just might have the perfect tonic though, an Irish Hot water, lemon, honey, and Jameson whiskey! We had a small get together on Wednesday night over at our house with some of the other students. Tom and I made mexican food Arizona style and my dad's refried beans were a hit! It was an early night...midnight! Really, Tom and I stayed up until midnight and the last get together we didn't get home till almost 1:30 and I had class the next day. Let me just say, that next day was a rough one...ha! The Irish know how to party and being a smidgen Irish myself I'm keeping up with them; at least trying my best! Miss all of you but can't believe I've only got six more weeks of class.

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